Why is getting started the hardest part?

Did you know, when my clients receive their Telling Tales “Getting Started’ workbook they have everything they need to start recording their life story. But often, when I get back in contact with them a few weeks later they haven’t started. 

When writing anything of length, getting started is often the hardest part! Once we start, we can often keep going and make a fair amount of progress. But sometimes we need a little help to get going, and that’s where my coaching comes in.

Ten Benefits Of Having A Coach


  • It will get you through the process quicker
    Having a plan, and a coach guiding and motivating you through the process means you’ll complete almost any task in less time.  
  • It will enable you to set and achieve your goals
    Setting goals gives you focus, helps you use your time and other resources more efficiently, and they can give you peace-of-mind, because you know what you have to do.  
  • It is personalised to meet your needs
    Because I take time to get to know you, I’m on hand to provide help that’s personalised to what it is you need.  
  • It provides you with the support and guidance to keep going
    When you get tired, or start to put things off because you’ve lost your way, I’ll be there to get you back on track and moving forward.  
  • It provides you with tools and tips
    Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool kit you could reach into when the going gets tough? Well, I can give you some clever tools, tips and techniques to help out.  
  • It makes you accountable
    It’s not quite like having to hand in homework, but as a coach, I’ll be there to follow up with you to make sure you’re making progress.  
  • It gives you clarity
    If your mind is all fogged up, with ideas and thoughts swirling all over the place, I can help you get clarity on what you need to be doing.  
  • It provides you with feedback
    As a coach, I can provide feedback and help you refine and finesse it so you end up a more polished outcome.  
  • It provides you with motivation
    We all suffer from lack of motivation from time to time, especially when a task seems a daunting one. Just like a sports coach, I can provide you with the encouragement you need to get started and keep you going to the finish line.  
  • It gives you structure
    Just like getting from A to B, you can sail rudderlessly on an ocean of thought… or together we can chart a course for your destination: the finished document