Telling Tales: Getting Started Workbook


We all know it… getting started is often the hardest thing to do. Have no fear – I’ve made it easy, with my Getting Started Workbook. This simple workbook shows you how to plan and schedule writing down your story, how to set deadlines, and how put it all into action. Order yours today, and let’s get you started. Available in hardcopy or PDF format. 

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Available in hardcopy or as a downloadable pdf.

We all know how important it is to tell our Tales, however often the thought of recording our Tales is so DAUNTING that we don’t even get started.

This workbook is designed to make the getting started EASY and FUN!

This workbook is a compilation of templates and prompts to assist you in gathering the important information before you begin telling your Tales.

It is designed as a guide – you are encouraged to add additional information that comes to mind as you work through this process.

This comprehensive list of information can then form the basis of your Tales you wish to tell.

By the end of this process you will have:

  • Gathered important facts – dates, places, events and people
  • Drawn on and recorded significant memories
  • Planned the outline of the tales to tell

Once completing this process you are then ready to move on to the next stage in recording your Tales.

This workbook is designed to help you work through the steps to get you started in Telling your Tales.

With plenty of prompts and the easy fill in the gaps format you can begin to record important information that will help you to put together your tales.

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Hardcopy, Downloadable (PDF)