Need Help with Recording or Publishing Your Tales?

Telling Tales offers a wide range of options…

You choose how much you want to do and how much you want us to do.

Telling Tales can do the hard work whilst you enjoy the process and end product…

You may prefer to do some of the work and Telling Tales do some of the work…

Initial Complimentary Meeting

  • This is to discuss your requirements and explore the options available.

Preparation/Pre Recording Stage

  • This stage is to plan the project and with the use of checklists and timelines begin to gather together relevant information for the recording stage.
  • Collate other information, photos, memorabilia as prompts, talking points
  • An outline for the interview will be developed.
  • We plan the project, conduct pre-interview research if necessary and record interviews on a digital recorder OR transcribe a client’s written notes.   The client completes preliminary questionnaire, participates in planning meetings and sits for interviews and/or writes up their own notes.

Recording Sessions

  • Interviews will be recorded on a digital recorder and transcribed
  • Record the story in a series of sessions


  • Audio recording transcribed and editied
  • Transcription sent to client for editing/proofing

Formatting for Book

  • Script formatted
  • Photos inserted

Printing and Binding

  • We can oversee the printing and binding of your book