Life Story Posters – Maintaining the Identity of our Elderly

the importance of life story posters

Life story posters visually display and highlight a person’s life story.

Often when the elderly move into residential care it is easy for them to lose their identity. Their lifelong experiences and wisdom can be lost. They blend in with everyone else and are seen as another “old person”.

Our lives; our experiences, achievements, values and beliefs are all a part of our identity which defines who we are and gives us recognition.

Promoting your individuality through life story posters

We all know how important it is to be recognised as an individual and to feel valued and important.

This is no different for the elderly, and probably more so when they have left their homes and all that is familiar to them and are lost in unfamiliar surrounds among many other residents.

Forget Me Not Life Posters promote individuality and maintain the identity of residents through personalised life posters.

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