Telling Tales

Encouraging and helping people to share their life stories

The most important thing you can leave people with is your story.

When you strip life back to its most basic level, the material possessions you have mean very little. The lasting, meaningful, emotional thoughts and feelings are the things that make you who you are. These are your stories, and these are what we should cherish, keep and pass onto the next generation.


I’ll put you ease.

When you’re drawing the life story out of someone, you need to do it with care. Over the years I’ve done just that – working as a counsellor for Youthline and Victim Support, plus I’ve been a software trainer too. Needless to say, I’m adept at reading people, listening carefully and knowing what to ask and when.

I work to a process.

Although my services are very much ‘human’ based, drawing out the personal story of a subject still requires a defined process to achieve the best outcome. In most cases I’ll use a staged approach – so you can tell a story in easy ‘bite-sized’ chunks.

No pressure.

I know I’ll bring lots of personal stories to the surface. But I also understand that while many will be wonderful, some will be some could be quite traumatic. Which is why I have a ‘no-pressure’ policy.